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Carr Dorsch Dental

Identity / Branding Collateral / Layout / UX-UI

SCOPE: CarrDorsch Family Dental was a growing local dental practice that was in need a logo and a consistent brand presentation in both print and digital media. They approached me while I was at Baron & Company to take on the project. It was important that we create a brand that had broad market appeal and was friendly enough to attract the discerning female consumer, (who makes 90% of the families health care decisions), without isolating the male population.

SOLUTION: Using a clean and friendly color palette, I created a logomark using the letters of the doctors last names coming together around the central theme of creating healthy smiles. This coupled with some custom typography I believed, was a concept anyone could “sink their teeth into”.

Carr Dorsch Family Dental Logo
Carr Dorsch Dental - Branding Collateral
Carr Dorsch Dental - Branding Collateral - Zoom
Carr Dorsch Dental - Reminder Cards
Carr Dorsch Dental - Website