Amorterra Engineering
& Consulting

Identity / Collateral

SCOPE:  AmorTerra Engineering & Consulting is the collaboration of engineers Gabriel Ng and Gregory Morgan. The passion of these two entrepreneurs was to create a firm that delivered the highest level of engineering skill in a way that was both socially and environmentally responsible. They needed a logo that represented what the name communicated, Amor (love of) Terra (the earth).

SOLUTION:  Decode Creative’s solution was to first help AmorTerra define who and what they were as a company. Out of this discovery process, we were able to create a unique monogram that demonstrated their engineering acumen through its clean precise shape. At the same time, we used the counter space of the monogram and the organic shape that encompasses it to represent their approach to the environment.

Amorterra Engineering & Consulting - Logo Color
Amorterra Engineering & Consulting - Business Cards