City of Bellingham

Ad & Poster Concept, Layout & Design

SCOPE: The City of Bellingham came to Decode Creative looking for help in creating a marketing campaign that educated the community on ways they could safely wash their cars and pressure wash around their homes, at the same time protecting the local waterways.

SOLUTION: Out of this need, the “Wash Right” Campaign was born. Decode Creative put together a 14-ad campaign using stylized images paired with illustrative typography. The ads were flexible enough to be included on buses, in publications, rack cards and posters.

“Decode Creative was a great asset to our Wash Right campaign. Not only did he create eye-catching materials that we love, but he spent time really digging into the topic and worked closely with us to ensure the messaging was just right. We were under a very tight timeline and he delivered everything on time, and he was a pleasure to work with too.”

- Sylvia Graham -


City of Bellingham - Wash Right - Bus Ad Back
City of Bellingham - Wash Right - Bus Ad Side
City of Bellingham - Wash Right - Rack Card
City of Bellingham - Wash Right Campaign - Poster