UX / UI / Front End Development

A full service commerce web application designed to give users the ability to develop, distribute and track transactional content from a single source to just about anywhere.

The process was complex so it was essential to develop a solution that was comprehensive, yet not overwhelming. The dashboard gave the user a simple snapshot of all their campaigns, but also allowed them the ability to get as detailed as they desired. In addition, the design and workflow gave the user the ability to easily compare their campaigns’ engagements and insights to those of their storefront. From the onboarding wizard to the dashboard, we created clean, easy workflows that put the power of managing multiple ecommerce campaigns (across multiple applications, marketplaces, and social media channels) at the fingertips of the user – all from one location.

Comrse App Dashboard
Comrse Onboarding Dashboard
Comrse Dashboard
Comrse Channel Comparison
Comrse Channel Detail
Comrse Campaign Manager