Lucid Consulting

Logo / Branding Collateral / Layout

SCOPE:  Lucid Consulting is a software and information technology consulting business that designs custom business solutions to connect a company’s accounting needs with their everyday operations. They tasked Decode Creative with the job of visually helping them reach the next level of growth in their marketing materials.

SOLUTION: In the beginning Lucid requested that we help them with a simple business cards and brochure template update. However, as we took a step back and viewed their marketing materials collectively, we realized we needed to start with their logo. Decode Creative eventually ended up giving Lucid’s logo a facelift, maintaining some of the same shapes, but creating a more cohesive updated approach to those shapes. We also developed business materials that matched their new logo and created consistency in how the logo is used on those materials. Eventually, the plan is to take their updated look and apply it to all their digital and strategic marketing collateral.

Lucid Consulting - Logo Update
Lucid Consulting - Business Cards
Lucid Consulting - Brand Collateral