Lummi Island Wild

Branding / Collateral / Packaging Design

SCOPE: Lummi Island Wild Co-Op is a group of fishermen dedicated to the preservation of wild salmon and to treating fish with the respect they deserve. They believe salmon are an important indicator of environmental health and are dedicated to harvesting fish in a truly sustainable fashion. The Co-op approached Decode Creative with an existing logomark. They were looking to create a systematic approach to its usage across all elements of their packaging and branding materials. The goal was to separate Lummi Island Wild from the competition and to help its audience recognize them as the premium producer of quality, sustainably-harvested seafood.

SOLUTION: Decode Creative began with the logomark building a strong and consistent connection with the letter forms that accompanied it. From there we translated the use of that type to connect with the current color palette. With the use of blue as the primary color, Lummi Island Wild gives the product a distinct look and feel for prospective customers to identify. This use of color and type convey that this is no ordinary fish.

Lummi Island Wild - Business Card Layout
Lummi Island Wild - Trade Show Banners
Lummi Island Wild Packaging
Lummi Island Wild - Tuna Can Packaging Design
Lummi Island Wild - Ikura Jar Packaging Design