Whidbey Island Grown

Logo Design / Poster Design / Business Collateral

SCOPE: A collective of farmers and artisans from Whidbey Island approached Baron & Company, where I was employed as the Sr. Designer, looking for a brand that matched their commitment to farming and craftsmanship.

SOLUTION: Together with the farmers of Whidbey Island, we settled on the name “Whidbey Island Grown.” The name represented a positive action, evoked a clear visual, and made reference to the unique location in which they grew and distributed their goods.

From this exercise, I created the logo and a set of matching collateral. The logo references their commitment to preserving and promoting the heritage of Whidbey Island culture. The lighthouse in the place of the silo was key to highlighting the island location, it also served as a subtle reminder of the group’s commitment to being a beacon in the community by educating people about the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Whidbey Island Grown - Logo
Whidbey Island Grown - Pasture Raised Beef
Whidbey Island Grown - Business Cards
Whidbey Island Grown - Poster